Thursday, June 9, 2011

Healthy Resources

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. I have been thinking of creating a list of resources for anyone who would be interested. I’ll try to update it as often as I can, when I find better deals on things.

First, I love the healing benefits of Coconut. For price and quality I love Tropical Traditions. They sell coconut oil and a lot of other organic and healthy alternatives to toxic products we use every day. I’m taking baby steps at this time to use more natural methods in my life. It was too overwhelming at first, so step by step I’m replacing harmful things that I have over time accepted as normal, with things that are not so toxic.

32-oz. - 2-Jar Pack - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 2 quarts Total
You have to watch for specials, which they have frequently. If you “like” them on facebook, then you can get notified of their specials. To read a bit more on the health benefits (which are many) of coconut oil click here.

Essential oils has become a part of my every day life. Because my husband hasn’t worked in over a year due to health problems, this has become our insurance. I have been propelled into learning as much as I can about nutrition and personal health care because I want to know that I can take care of my children and myself if anything happened. There are many places to get essential oils, I have gone with doTERRA because of the very high standard of quality and reasonable pricings. When you sign up with them and pay a small fee you get a cheaper price for the year. Click here to check out their site.

With these oils I have naturally treated problems like itchy scalp, hemorrhoids, fever, constipation, stomach ache, ear ache and infections, rash, cuts and bruises, weight problems, depression, anxiety, sunburn/burns, detoxing, and the list continues. These have been very affective for safely treating my children especially in treating fever, ear infection, rash and to help them relax.

Sometimes its hard to find healthy snacks for our kids. If anyone is interested I can make a list of things I get for my girls, off the top of my head, I have to say that I LOVE Lärabars. I’m all about simplicity in ingredients, the fewer the better, and if you can pronounce every ingredient, that is important too. Also I don’t like artificial anything. You can find them at Sams club and Costco, Target and Walmart.

Click here to have a look. My girls love these and I have no guilt when I give them one. They love them so much, my one year old woke up crying because she dreamt that all of our “bar-bars” were gone. I wrote Lärabar about it on facebook and they liked the story so much they sent us a box full of goodies. They are a great company and are on facebook.

Something that I add to my food every day is Chia Seeds, mostly in my morning smoothie. I get mine from Amazon here I get the 5 pound bag because it’s the most cost effective. Chia seeds are a rich source of Omega 3’s that we don’t get a lot of in our diet, unless you eat flax seed and eggs, but even in eggs the Omegas get weakened through cooking. There are so many health benefits to chia seeds. I can say they have helped me with weight loss. They help you stay full, reduce problems with blood sugar, keep you hydrated, and so much more. You can read more about it if you search the web. They were used anciently by the Aztecs and Mayans (read here)

I think I will add more to the list in the future. If anyone out there is looking for healthy alternatives, just let me know and I can tell you if I have found one, or even take a look and see what I can find.

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