Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Physical Aspects of Addiction: What Sugar Does to Your Body

The following is an excerpt from "Why is Sugar Bad?" by Nutrition Diva.  For the full article click here.  It's well worth the read. These 5 reasons are just the top 5, there's more.

1. Sugar suppresses the immune system. 

2. Sugar promotes inflammation. 

3. Sugar suppresses the release of human growth hormone.

4. Sugar promotes glycation.

5. Sugar raises insulin levels.


  So basically the top 5 mean that sickness happens more and easier, "excessive inflammation promotes aging and disease", aging is sped up, the body is filled with toxic chemicals and stripped of nutrients, the pancreas gets so confused and overworked that insulin dependence results.  (The author is of course speaking of chronic excessive intake of refined sugars.)


Let's not forget to mention that candida (yeast infection) thrives on refined sugar and acidity.  Sugar causes more acidity in the body, the joints are more prone to arthritis, more reproductive disruptions, vision problems and SO MUCH MORE. 


Did you know that the average American eats over 140 Lb. of sugar per year.  If you have an addiction to sugar I'm sure that it's more.


For more that 5 reasons why refined sugar is harmful click here


Expand the image below to see the breakdown of what typically happens in 1 year of eating.  

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